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Steven Westerfield got knocked down but he is not out!

In this episode of the Thomas Clatterbuck Show, we interview Steven Westerfield. Westerfield is a Republican write-in candidate for the 99th Illinois House Seat. The 99th covers the west side Springfield and parts of Sangamon County.

Westerfield shared the story of his bid for ballot access. He discusses why he was removed, and what he learned from that process. While still a legitimate candidate, not appearing on the ballot puts him at a significant disadvantage. Westerfield expressed his frustration with what he views as the machine politics that limit voter choices in primary elections.

We also discuss Westerfield’s work to advance fathers’ rights in Illinois. He was part of the group that added the “right of first refusal” to family law. Other efforts include ways to protect the due process rights for fathers in custody battles.

You can see all the past episodes of the Thomas Clatterbuck Show on the Springfield Daily Radio page.

You can learn more about Westerfield and the other candidates in the 99th on our Campaign Headquarters page.

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