• Family Law Reform
  1. Shared Parenting
  2. Paternity Fraud
  3. Parenting Time Enforcement
  4. Penalties for False Allegations


  • Legislature Benefits Reform
  1. Repeal Public Act 98-0682 (legislative pay continuous appropriation)
  2.   Reduce legislator base salary to 35k annually
  3.   Reform State Employees Group Insurance Program and require lawmakers to contribute no less than 50% to their health benefits plans
  4. Reduce/Eliminate stipend for committee and leadership roles
  5. Reform Lawmaker pensions to require Lawmaker direct contribution to be no less than 50% of estimated lifetime benefit amount
  6. Reduce the burden of the overall lawmaker pension obligation on the tax payor by reducing overall pensionable income and require larger direct contribution percentages from the beneficiary
  • Term Limits
  1. Governor serves no more than 8 years
  2. Illinois State Senate serves no more than 8 years (If a Senator has served a 4yr and a 2yr term in the senate they are not eligible to run for another 4 yr term. They may however serve one more two year term in the Senate or one term in the House)
  3. Illinois House of Resentatives serves no more than 8 years
  • Property Tax Reform
  1. Reduce the multiplier to 25%
  2. Expand exemptions for homeowners
  3. Reform the appeals process for contesting assessment values (require grounds and written findings for appeal denial)
  • Juvenile Court Reform
  1. Reform the Juvenile point system (allow for detainment for repeat or serious offenders)
  2. Allow points to carry over from previous offense
  • Consolidate State Agencies
  1. Consolidate State agencies and overlapping services to cut wasteful spending
  • Illinois Lottery Revenue Reform
  1. Reallocate the revenue from the Illinois Lottery back to our schools