Steven was born in Springfield, IL at St. John’s Hospital on April 3rd 1982. Steven’s Parents Divorced when he was very young and his mother moved him and his little brother away to Florida for about a year before they returned back home to Illinois where the rest of Steven’s Journey would unfold. When they moved back to Springfield his mother and stepfather moved into a three bedroom trailer in Brookview trailer park. Shortly after the move Steven’s stepbrothers and sisters also moved in. Steven’s Father Steven L. Westerfield (God rest his soul) Lived in Grand Valley Village just up the hill from Brookview. In 1990 Steven and his family moved into the first Habitat for Humanity home in Sangamon County.

Steven’s Father continued to live in Grand Valley Village until Steven was in his twenties. Steven’s Father and step father started a Siding company together and Steven spent equal time back and forth between the trailer park with his father and the newly renovated Habitat home located on N. 14th Street in Springfield.

Steven grew up in a rough environment in his youth. He faced many obstacles growing up including being exposed to addiction and illegal activities from his home life to the streets he roamed and he himself began down the wrong path in life.

In 2006 Steven met his wife and her family and saw that there was more to life than the world he had been accustomed to. Through the support of Juli and turning his life over to the lord, Steven married in 2008 and started his new life in a subdivision located in the unincorporated area on Springfield, IL.

Steven has been involved in the legislative process for 6 years advocating for family law reform, drafting legislation, and lobbying for proposed changes to the way Illinois does family law. Steven brings a unique skill set to the ILGA that cant be taught in school or read in a book. Steven possesses the skill set to reach outside of the box and seek simple solutions to complex problems.


Steven is a common man with real problems just like all of you. It’s time we send common folks, with common sense solutions to be our voice in Springfield. Steven is highly out spoken and backs down from no one. There isn’t a stronger voice for the people than Steven Westerfield.

Steven Currently resides in Springfield, IL with his wife of ten years and his two children. Steven is a stay at home father by day and a janitor by night. Steven has a GED and graduated a year ahead of his class in 99. He then enrolled in Lincoln Land Community College where he would eventually have to drop out and go to work full time to raise his daughter that he had at 17. Steven Had a troubled childhood as mentioned above, although he was still more fortunate than most growing up in his situation because both of his parents played active roles in his life.