The movement is about more than a single election. This movement is the beginning of a political revolution to restore the power to the Governed. For far too long the local parties have been selecting our candidates for us and we can no longer sit by idle while our Republic is controlled by the party insiders. The parties job is to remain neutral during the primary process then get behind the peoples choice for the general election. We must take the power back and remove the dinosaurs that have become complacent in their self righteousness.

We must organize, mobilize, and target the precincts county by county. We must take control of the central committees and remove those who hold the current status quo dear. This movement is about seeking out common folks who are fed up with the establishment shoving candidates down our throats and to prepare them for a run for office of their own. We are putting together a team of consultants to help people who have never dabbled in politics put together a winning strategy and help guide them through the process of getting on the ballot. It doesn’t matter which party you represent it is your duty to hold your party responsible. Holding your party responsible means taking over the precincts and getting rid of the dinosaurs that have controlled the levers of power for far too long.

While I understand that everyone’s eyes are on the federal level politics, change starts right here on the local level. We need the citizens of Illinois to pay as much if not more attention to local elections as they do federal elections. I hear so many people say that they don’t vote because the candidates are selected not elected, well that is only true if you don’t stand up and challenge them. “We The People” are just as much to blame for the current economic crisis facing our great State because we have allowed the dinosaurs to rule for far too long.

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